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Lampwork Glass Beads, Art and Jewelry by Diana Dunn

Life Is Good
I would guess that many of us have worked in jobs that were stimulating, enriching and rewarding. I have been blessed over the last thirty+ years to have had that experience while working in healthcare but there comes a time when you are ready for a new adventure. I am sure that many of us have also thought that we would like to spend our days doing what we love full time. Starting in January of 2008 I was fortunate to do just that. I embarked on a scary but exciting new profession as a self employed lampwork glass artist. I have worked with glass for the last twenty-five years, but with lampwork glass for the last nine. I have to say, it is my passion.

So, with the blessings of my family, a brand new studio was designed and built by my husband Glenn and my son Dylan, I embarked on a new chapter in my life.

It gives me great pleasure to share my love for working with glass with others and perhaps inspiring their creativity as well. I hope you enjoy browsing my site, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is something here that interests you. Or, if you have a special jewelry project that you need a unique bead for, I would love to collaborate with you to create it.

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About Diana

I am a glass artist in Southern California. I have worked with glass for the last 25 years and have worked with lampwork glass for the last 9 years.

All my beads are kiln annealed and cleaned thoroughly with a Dremel and by hand.
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My classes are tailored to the beginning and intermediate lampworking student. I also give classes in beginning fusing. Classes are scheduled according to student needs.

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I have a beautiful studio that my husband and son built for me. This is a wonderful workspace that allows me to work uninterrupted and fills me with inspiration.

Visit the gallery to view samples of my past and current projects.
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